Surya Namaskaryoga

Surya Namaskar – How to do Sun Salutation with Steps

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation – it is an arrangement of 12 amazing yoga presents. Other than being an extraordinary cardiovascular exercise, Surya Namaskar is likewise known to decidedly affect …

Yoga, moong soup… in govt’s Covid health documentYOGA NEWS

Yoga, moong soup… in govt’s Covid health document

With the threat of COVID-19 pandemic continuing to loom over the world, the Ministry of Ayush has come out with a comprehensive document putting forth the concept of ‘holistic health. …

yoga - Aroma yogayoga types

Aroma Yoga

Is a potent mix of conscious movement, breathing Exercise combined with remedial grade. Aroma Yoga is a powerful mix of cognizant development, breathing activities and chakra reflections joined with remedial …

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